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The Imitator, not the Innovator: Common Sense & Business Success

In business, we often hear that we must innovate our way to success and sometimes this advice gets a little tiresome. How about we just deliver great value and customer service? That is why the official motto of Weston Millwork … Continue reading

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Custom Cut Molding Profiles for Historic DC

If you’re in need of a custom wood molding for your historic building and live in the DC area, look no further than Old Town Custom Millwork & Moldings. They specialize in historic molding profiles and will match your profile exactly. … Continue reading

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Regional Historic Millwork

Pre US Civil War buildings have a particular look, something that makes you look twice to make sure that you are seeing what you think you are seeing. The reason for this is that there was little standardization of millwork, … Continue reading

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1916 Brick Row House Restoration and Renovation

The goal is to restore this Richmond, Virginia row house to as near original condition as possible, with a few sensible changes and upgrades. The work will include replacing missing millwork, including a bricked up fireplace mantle, reformatting the kitchen and … Continue reading


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The Neighborhood is in the Details – – of the Millwork

Certain neighborhoods look and feel a certain way, and that is because of many things: Layout, traffic, usage, era, etc., etc. but one very quantifiable and specific determining variable is the profile and scale of the typical molding details and … Continue reading

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Reproduction Mouldings for Vernacular Architecture, Washington, D.C.

Unique, local, historic, vernacular architectural design traditions were originally determined not by designers and draftsmen, but by the carpenters and builders, maintained by the profiles of the cutting tools that they bring on the job to produce finish wood mouldings. … Continue reading

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Restoration of Monumental Staved Columns on Courthouse, In Place

Ironwood Restoration, LLC of Marlow, NH restored and finished the four massive columns on the Carroll County Courthouse in Ossipee. Not every period millwork item is worth restoration, past a certain point, unless it is historically significant. An exception to … Continue reading

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White Oak Lumber Salvaged from Gypsy Moth Kills

Dead Wood Lumber of Wallaceton, PA is an innovative sawmill and lumber yard specializing in oak salvaged from the massive gypsy moth infestation some decades back. In Pennsylvania, over 4 million acres were defoliated in 1990, the peak year for … Continue reading

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A New Source for Dating and Identifying Period Moldings

Hull Historical Millwork published the “Historical Moldings Catalog” (published by John Wiley and Sons), a catalog which not only makes available 650 of the most popular moldings in the Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Period Revival styles, but which is … Continue reading

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Little Known Standard Catalog is Key to Reproduction of Period Moldings 1870 – 1940

Millwork for the great majority of the historic buildings in existence today, those built between the Civil War and WWII, was produced under a nationwide distribution system more uniform and comprehensive than any in existence today.  This means that your … Continue reading

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