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Safety First: The Hazards of Construction Work

Have you ever considered the risks home builders take while renovating that basement or installing a new bathroom? If you weren’t aware, construction workers face one of the harshest work environments in modern times. As Doug Hanna of S+H Construction … Continue reading

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Restoration of Plaster Stations of the Cross, Uncovering Original Intent

VKRestoration of Holyoke, Massachusetts notes that regardless of the convictions of the restorer, restoration of religious icons imposes another layer of accountability, beyond materials, and that is the understanding of the symbolic meaning of color and form. These fourteen Stations of … Continue reading

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1855 Church Plaster Ceiling Collapses

Late Sunday April 24, 2016 the ceiling of the Fellowship Hall at the Easthampton Congregational Church, in Easthampton, Massachusetts collapsed, setting off the fire alarm and summoning the sexton.  The collapse was total, filling the room with plaster, wood lathe … Continue reading

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Mechanized Ventilation Cupola for Barn Renovation

This beautiful 1890 banked barn was converted to a home by Integrity Restoration of Essex, Massachusetts. Most barn conversions use the open barn spaces to create large and lofty living areas. Such areas are prone to accumulated heat gains, as … Continue reading

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Curvy Queen Anne and Her Curved Glass Windows

Not sure about the English royal family, but in American architecture, the Queen Anne style is the last gasp of the Victorian, bridging the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. As with many last gasps, it … Continue reading

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