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Historic Plaster and Historic Plaster Mouldings

          It happens sometimes that the tools used by the artisans are almost as historic as the buildings that they are working on. Such a case is the legendary plaster moulding archive known as the  “Epstein … Continue reading

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Millwork Shop is Proud to be “The Imitator, not the Innovator”!

Bill Hewitson, of Weston Millwork in Weston, Missouri, uses period millwork machinery for producing new period window sash, some over a century old. Certainly these machines were built to last, as their track record has proven, and they have a retro charm, but how … Continue reading

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Tales from the Blue Ox, A Hands-On Manual of Traditional Skills from the Blue Ox Millworks Historic Park

This ambitious Manual of traditional skills sets out to furnish a comprehensive technical overview of a broad spectrum of nineteenth century building and manufacturing technologies and, improbably, achieves its goal to an impressive degree.  The Blue Ox is a useful … Continue reading

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