Dharma in May 2021

Dear zen friend

1)  June Sesshin :  from  06/19  to  06 /20  for 2 days. 
Sitting starts at 4:10 am, ends at 9:00 pm on Saturday. 

Sitting starts at 4:10 am, ends at 5:00 pm on Sunday. 

Many things have changed since March last year. 

Reopening is better to be slow I think. July sesshin would be for 3 days.  

2)   ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the best masterpieces in the movie history.      

I went to a local movie theater to watch first time for more than ten years.      

And I was just overwhelmed. 

3)    A neighbor recommended me to have gluten free diet for years. His arguments were persuasive due to various scientific proof. But  I ignored his advice. I like pasta, bread, and baking show. 

Recently I recognized that he was absolutely right. Having had gluten free diet with rice, beans, and potatoes, my stomach worked well.  When I ate gluten stuff, I was in discomfortable mood and in dizziness. Perhaps my power of digestion has dwindled.  

4)  A topic about corona things: In India rapid rise of number of patient and death toll was news a while ago. The epidemic in the second most populous country scared the world. Quick decline of both patients and deaths in India is reported now. What has happened? Ivermectin (medicine which has  lengthened pet’s life) was widely used for people there. Some countries banned Ivermectin for treatment of patients after corona pandemic spread. 

Another corona related news: Some people died after a vaccine shot. A doctor said those people who died were small persons, so that shots possibly became overdosed.

I am a small person. Average quantity of medicine even aspirin is too much.  


Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

P/S  Taking a walk to the hut, there was a fawn lying in fern. It did not move an inch. I have never seen a still deer. Have to see if it is all right tomorrow morning. 

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Dharma in April 2021

Dear zen friend
1)  The first notes about Daffodil 200 were sent on 21st of March. I wrote that they would fully bloom soon. My expectation was wrong.
Today 95% of daffodil finally have bloomed.  They are in full bloom this weekend. Cherry, magnolia, tulip, and peony will follow. 

2) There is a Japanese youtuber which is majored in investment.  They act like a comedian, so sometimes I watch them,  

They talk about various topics because investing involves with many factors. They mention in each movie, “We cannot talk about corona pandemic due to YouTube regulations. Please see movies in another SNS in which we have uploaded corona related topics. We are letting you know other serious matters there, too.”  

In disguise of smooth comedian talks, they implicate that Youtube is imposing censorship. As a result, people gain disinformation about the pandemic. 

A Japanese executive document which instructs to artificially increase number of corona patients and death tolls was  found. The government has tried to spread the pandemic while speaking about prevention methods.  Although there exists good medicine, (All diamond Princess patients were treated by medicine.), Abe bought so-called new vaccine instead. There are many irrational policies in Tokyo and in Japan. 

Youtube has business worldwide.Has censorship been practiced in Japan alone? Who makes profit through the pandemic? Conspiracy theory may not be so fictional these days..

Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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Recovering Fine Art After a Church Fire

A fire at Immaculate Conception Parish in Marlborough, MA caused extensive damage to the church interior. It started in the sacristy, the area where priests prepare for services, and while firefighters managed to contain it, the smoke nearly destroyed much of the sanctuary. Blackburn Conservation, experts in fine art disaster recovery, provided their services to conserve and restore the church’s decorative elements. This included careful soot removal and cleaning of the murals, decorative paint, and statuary.

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From Wood Window Sash to Face Masks: Adaptive Business Solutions During COVID-19

Celia, of Weston Millwork, stitching a cloth face mask.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are shifting their priorities in order to survive. Some businesses are agile, seeing opportunities to rethink how they can contribute during this time. Weston Millwork, in Weston, Missouri, has stepped up to help those in need, by making free face masks, to be donated to hospitals, truck drivers, and other organizations and individuals that can’t get them. The masks follow CDC guidelines, and are thoughtfully designed. Each includes a metal nose clip, and the elastic straps come in three different sizes, to prevent sore ears. 

Currently, Weston Millwork is still accepting window sash reproduction projects, though at a slower pace, due to the mask making operation. They plan to resume their usual sash production in the summertime.

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Acoustical Panels Reduce Unwanted Background Noise

Acoustical Panels decorating the ceiling of a tavernRevrb Acoustics is an innovative division of New England Soundproofing. The Drago family used their hands-on experience with soundproofing to develop a line of aftermarket acoustical products that have the ability to reduce unwanted background noise in public areas, such as restaurants, meeting rooms and sound studios. Appearance is critical, so Revrb Acoustics can custom fabricate acoustical panels to any shape – – and print them with custom artwork!

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Soundproofing Company Expands Their National Footprint

Soundproofing products will block the noise of jet skisNew England Soundproofing is growing! A family business based in Easton, Massachusetts, has acquired Sonic-Shield LLC of Port Richey, Florida, expanding their footprint and entering another market for their branded soundproofing and acoustical products. Says Anthony Drago, co-owner, “An increase in warehousing space, expanded product offerings and lower cost of goods from greater buying power are benefits that will accrue to all divisions.”

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The Imitator, not the Innovator: Common Sense & Business Success

In business, we often hear that we must innovate our way to success and sometimes this advice gets a little tiresome. How about we just deliver great value and customer service? That is why the official motto of Weston Millwork Company, “The Imitator, NOT the Innovator”, is so refreshing.

Of course, easy for them to say, since their business is reproduction of historic wood windows, a kind of imitation. As Bill Hewittson, owner of Weston Millwork, says, “If you need new old wood window sash, you don’t want innovation – – you want sound, faithful reproduction wood window sash!”

antique surface planing equipment

120 year old Hall and Brown 24″ Surface Planer

But Weston Millwork takes imitation a step further, using period fabrication machinery, some over a century old, throughout their shop. These low tech (No software! Crazy! How does it even work?) machines are more efficient to set up for short-runs, which reproduction orders nearly always are. Weston Millwork has an extensive archive of original, period knives, plus in-house capability for grinding custom knives for any profile, so set up is quick.

Speaking of mottos, Weston Millwork was founded 1988, in Weston, Missouri, the “Show Me” state. Missourians have a tradition of elevating common sense, what works, above cleverness. So how is all this common cleverness working for Weston Millwork Company? According to Bill, they have been operating at full capacity for many years, shipping sound, faithful reproduction wood window sash to nearly every state in the US.

So Bill, certainly with a little innovation you could do your job faster, better – – or something? Says Bill, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. That is the philosophy of Western Millwork Company.” It seems that common sense and business success do sometimes go together.

At this time, Bill is developing a strategy for the next stage in the business. They are seeking a partner with an affinity to the market, the fabrication trade and who can share in his business philosophy. Qualified applicants are encouraged to contact Bill.

Weston Millwork has been a client of Corbett Research Group since 2008……

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Cantilevered Bench in Board Formed Concrete

This board formed concrete kneewall features a built in cantilevered bench, made possible through a carefully engineered core steel reinforcement. Board formed concrete is produced by pouring concrete into a form constructed with rough sawn wood boards, which leave their impression in the concrete finish. Hardly a crude method, the result is part of a sophisticated modern aesthetic that is utilitarian, natural and finished, all at once. Installed at a residence outside of Central Square, Cambridge, MA, by S + H Construction.

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Iconic Airplane Commercial Sign Restoration

This iconic commercial sign had faded significantly after several decades to the sun. Located at the entrance to the Burbank Empire Shopping Center, the project was to restore the bright, vital colors to this landmark. There is an impressive level of detail and color variety in the work, requiring 25 custom made colors to complete the restoration. The project was located in Burbank, CA and completed by ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING.

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Tory Row Puddingstone Patio

As part of a Tory Row, Cambridge home renovation, S+H Landscape & Sitework Division installed an outdoor kitchen and pool. The stonework for the surrounding stone walls and patios involved masonry restoration of the original stonework, using Roxbury Puddingstone, found only in the Boston basin. Quarried in Roxbury, Brighton, Newton, and Brookline, it was a popular building material in the 19th century.  Used to construct masonry walls and foundations throughout Boston, you’ll find it featured in many historical buildings, such as the Central Congregational Church in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

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