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Restored Steinway Featured at the Met

Dimitrios Klitsas, world-renowned custom wood carver, brought this 1882 Steinway Piano back to life after a series of shoddy repairs to the delicate purpleheart wood carvings. Designed by George A. Schastey, one of the most popular design firms among New … Continue reading

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Restoration of Brownstone Lintel Details

Brownstone is a soft sandstone from Connecticut which is famously in use throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn for building stone and has, ever since installation, rapidly deteriorated from the freeze thaw cycle. It is probable that it was an unwise material … Continue reading

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Metal Forging Techniques Taught at Center for Metal Arts.

The Center For Metal Arts in Florida, NY teaches classes and seminars on hand forging, tool making, and blacksmithing. These are hands on workshop programs that furnish students with both skills and experience that enable them to do metal fabrication … Continue reading

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Stone Tower of Pizza Oven Cooks to Perfection.

They say there is another tower of Pizza in Italy, but it leans badly and it doesn’t even come close to cooking as good a pizza as this fourteen foot tall free standing, outdoor pizza oven. A technical achievement, this … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of Iconic Wrought Iron Gates in Multiple Metals.

The historic and iconic 1886 Dakota building in New York City has been home to many celebrities over the years, most famously John Lennon, who was gunned down on the sidewalk at its south entrance. This entrance is a long … Continue reading

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Conservation of Period “Life” Cast of Venus de Milo.

Presumably, if you were to stop by the Louvre and attempt to make a plaster cast of the original  Venus De Milo, security would have something to say about it, and no, they probably would not bother to refund your … Continue reading

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Detailed Corvette Weathervane

Corvette weathervanes are a thing, Google the phrase and you will see that everybody wants one. That said, only one person gets to have the best Corvette weathervane. The customer for this full bodied 3 foot model (5 foot arrow!) … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Arts and Crafts Stone Fireplace Out of Native Stone

David Knox of Cassella Construction Corporation of Red Hook, New York rebuilt this native stone fireplace for the Tuckaway vacation cabin in the Catskill mountains. The fireplace was part of a larger project, which included restoration of the stone chimney. … Continue reading

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True Historic Wrought Iron is Not What You Think.

Development of ferrous metals technology and misleading new usages of the term “wrought iron” have created confusion about the equivalence of today’s commercially available architectural iron, known as mild steel, and true historic “wrought iron”.  Replacements in mild steel are … Continue reading

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The Efficiencies of Laser Scanning for Historic Architectural Reproduction.

  Before laser scan technology, documenting historic elements made reproduction work an uncertain and tedious process. For example, it was understood that certain exterior terra cotta elements of an Upper Manhattan apartment building would have to be replaced. The issue … Continue reading

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