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Oakland City Hall: Masonry Restoration and Seismic Upgrade

With the threat of earthquakes on the rise in California, Kaptive C&P of Beverly Hills, CA, stepped in to fit the Oakland City Hall with protection against these natural disasters. To accomplish this complete seismic retrofit, they installed a milestone … Continue reading

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Historic Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration

TNT Floors, LLC of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are marble polishing specialists. They restored the polish to this historic marble floor. Marble is a relatively soft stone, so they proceeded conservatively in order to remove minimal material while achieving the desired result, … Continue reading

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Conservation of Period “Life” Cast of Venus de Milo.

Presumably, if you were to stop by the Louvre and attempt to make a plaster cast of the original  Venus De Milo, security would have something to say about it, and no, they probably would not bother to refund your … Continue reading

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Terrazzo, Through the Ages

At the link, Specialized Maintenance Service, LLC, of Horicon, Wisconsin restored a 125 year old terrazzo floor discovered beneath bar area shag rug. They performed a public service here, beyond restoration of an important historic element, because carpet in such an … Continue reading

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Matching Scagliola Cartouches to Natural Marble Stone Panels

Dundean Studios of Chatham, NJ did a remarkable job of painting cast scagliola pilaster cartouches to match adjacent natural marble panels and moldings in this Manhattan apartment building lobby. While the cartouches over the elevators are Scagliola, the other corbels … Continue reading

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Traditional Marble Finishes – – to Stunning Modern Effect

  Check out this project post by Aalta Design Group, a plaster finishes specialist from Miami, Florida. The material is three coat venetian plaster over curved and swooping walls. The recesses, top (for lighting) and bottom (where the baseboards should be, … Continue reading

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Underground Fabrication Continues Production of an Indispensable American Building Stone

Vermont Quarries’ Danby Quarry, inside Dorset Mountain, is the biggest underground marble quarry in the world, over a mile long with a footprint of twenty five acres and reaching six levels deep.  To the first time visitor, endless dimly lit … Continue reading

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No Surprises with Reliable, Proven Building Stone

Increased demand for building stone drives activity at Vermont’s historic Danby Quarry, inside Dorset Mountain.  Historic building stone gives the builder an advantage that stone from unfamiliar sources can’t match; its durability in local climate conditions can be accurately understood … Continue reading

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