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Large Custom Radius Curved Gutters – – a Technical Feat

These large capacity 20 oz. copper curved gutters were built to fit the tower base and turret of this piece of new construction. That makes it sound easy, but it is an impressive technical feat to make them fit snug to … Continue reading

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Traditional Ornamental Iron Railing and Gate, New York Stoop

Petrillo Ironworks of Brooklyn, NY employed a thoughtful and collaborative approach to this ornamental iron railing and double gate project. The client wanted an historic look and feel, which the fabricator achieved by using very little welding on the project, bolted … Continue reading

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Sculpture Reveals the Working Character of Copper

This public sculpture in copper, by metalworker Pat Downing, of San Diego, CA shows what a subtle and expressive element is the metal copper. Using a technique called “foldforming”, the artist is exploiting the extreme malleability of this metal, once one masters … Continue reading

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Metal Forging Techniques Taught at Center for Metal Arts.

The Center For Metal Arts in Florida, NY teaches classes and seminars on hand forging, tool making, and blacksmithing. These are hands on workshop programs that furnish students with both skills and experience that enable them to do metal fabrication … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of Iconic Wrought Iron Gates in Multiple Metals.

The historic and iconic 1886 Dakota building in New York City has been home to many celebrities over the years, most famously John Lennon, who was gunned down on the sidewalk at its south entrance. This entrance is a long … Continue reading

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True Historic Wrought Iron is Not What You Think.

Development of ferrous metals technology and misleading new usages of the term “wrought iron” have created confusion about the equivalence of today’s commercially available architectural iron, known as mild steel, and true historic “wrought iron”.  Replacements in mild steel are … Continue reading

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Steel Dragon Sculpture Comes to Life Full Size

John Graney, of J.F. Graney Metal Design in Sheffield, Massachusetts, applies artistry and technical mastery every day to producing custom ornamental iron gates of the utmost beauty and flawless performance. For this commission, however, they brought a 100 year old Cambodian Dragon … Continue reading

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