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Regional Historic Millwork

Pre US Civil War buildings have a particular look, something that makes you look twice to make sure that you are seeing what you think you are seeing. The reason for this is that there was little standardization of millwork, … Continue reading

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Exterior Dismantling of Phineas House

William Gould of William Gould Architectural Preservation continues the dismantling of the Phineas Lewis house in Farmington, CT. The house is barely familiar as the windows and trim have been removed, both chimneys are gone, and the attic beams are exposed. Stay tuned as … Continue reading

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Interior Dismantling Has Begun for Phineas Lewis

William Gould Architectural Preservation has begun dismantling the exterior and interior of the Phineas Lewis house. This living room was built circa 1850, and contains elements from the original construction in 1798, as well as later alterations in 1926. Stay … Continue reading

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More on the Phineas Lewis House

The Phineas Lewis house was constructed in 1798 by Captain Judah Woodruff, (1722 -1799), a prominent architect-builder in Farmington, CT. Woodruff was responsible for the construction of the First Church of Christ Congregational (1771) and twenty-one private homes in Farmington. William Gould, … Continue reading

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Phineas Dismantling in Progress

William Gould Architectural Preservation is disassembling the Phineas Lewis House upon request of the Farmington Historical Society in Farmington, CT. Their plan is to preserve the frame and entry way, while dismantling the remainder of the house. The developer is … Continue reading

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Damage to Historic Exterior Woodwork by Aggressive Paint Removal

According to NPS Preservation Brief #10, Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork, “Removing paints down to bare wood surfaces using harsh methods can permanently damage those surfaces; therefore such methods are not recommended.” So what is a harsh method? Pretty … Continue reading

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Rust Jacking by Steel Spandrel Beams in Masonry Buildings.

Penetration of moisture into exterior masonry walls to concealed steel beams bearing open spans (spandrels) can create a condition known as “rust jacking”, where the iron oxides forming on the beam expand, driving into the masonry above and further dislocating … Continue reading

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Colonial Cut Stone Center Chimney Dismantled and Installed.

Colonial era cut stone center chimneys are relatively common in southern New England. The stonework there is generally superior to that found points north, where chimneys are mostly out of brick. The hearth is literally the center and “focus” (Latin … Continue reading

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Old Growth Lumber Scarcity Drives Choices for Custom Wood Turnings

The downward spiral of lumber quality caused by over harvesting of old growth forests deprives all millwork producers of premium material but none are more affected than producers of large turnings for exterior work.  Because turned architectural elements expose grain … Continue reading

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Hindsight Helps Produce Waterproof Historic Roof Designs.

While a general study of original historic roof installations will reveal much impressive work, flashing details can sometimes appear naive and ineffective by modern standards.  The original artisans were, like us, only mortal but, unlike us, they lacked the gift … Continue reading

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