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From Design Through Installation, Consultation with the Stone Fabricator can Prevent Delays.

Over the last decade, there has been a surprising and exhilarating increase in the number of clients who are eager to leave their permanent signature on the landscape and can afford to choose dimensional stone for their building projects.  While … Continue reading

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Keeping Costs Down in High Places – – the Steeplejack Option

Forbidding, archaic, daunting in scale, the high places of the built environment, like any extreme habitat, have produced their own community of niche restoration specialists, the steeplejacks.  These artisans have made this world truly their own by developing minimalist rigging … Continue reading


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Wood Windows Issues Checklist: Questions and Answers on Historic Window Restoration

To discuss the benefits of restoring historic wood windows, we consulted with Paul Marlowe, of Marlowe Restorations, a Northford, Connecticut company specializing in wood conservation issues. According to Paul Marlowe, new wood replacement windows cannot equal the durability of a fully … Continue reading

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A Last Look at Historic Wood Windows.

Wood windows are perhaps the most vulnerable of historic elements, with many millions being dumped in landfills each year.  Their conservation is a worthy goal from an historic and environmental perspective, but is it reasonable to expect owners to subsidize … Continue reading

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Historic Buildings Show the Way to Build Durable Stone Facades for New Construction.

Due to the cost of veneer stone and its reputation for durability, expectations for its performance are high. Failures in new construction in stone are embarrassing for the project team and baffling to the customer. Failures will happen because an … Continue reading

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Building a New House with Dismantled Building Materials

Original materials are the most reliable way to recreate the look, feel and smell of period work at a new site. The veracity and presence of historic finished work is practically impossible to counterfeit in brand new construction. Historic structures … Continue reading

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Documention of Dismantled Historic Fabric

Only by adhering to the most rigorous standards for documentation and storage can the integrity of dismantled historic fabric be preserved and costs be controlled. Even if purchased for practically nothing, acquiring a period structure is not cheap. William Gould, … Continue reading

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