Google Plus FAQ

Google+ is an important part of your overall Google search engine strategy. Participation even just a little bit on Google+ will make a difference in the quality and quantity of your website referrals. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Google+:

QUESTION: Can I register in Google+ as my business?
ANSWER: Google’s established convention is that you register as you, a person, not a business. Google plans to change this in the future, but for now, I recommend that you stick with the convention.

QUESTION: Then how can I promote my business on Google+?
ANSWER: Create a Google+ page for your business. Google calls this Google+ Brands.

QUESTION: Who should I put in my Circles?
ANSWER: I suggest that you include in your Circles your good clients, vendors and other significant associates. This way your real world business network be represented on Google+, and on Google the search engine.

QUESTION: How do I get people to put ME in THEIR Circles?
ANSWER: People will Circle you if you are active on Google+ and are already an asset to their business network. Circling is anonymous for each person, and therefore less important to your business development goals than a +1.

QUESTION: How do I get people to +1 my website?
ANSWER: Making a +1 is not anonymous. Every +1 is recorded in the Profile of the person that makes it. Therefore, people don’t do it without good reason. I suggest that you +1 your good clients, vendors and other trusted associates. Send them a comment too. (Note: If you +1 somebody, you can always edit or delete it later.)

Again, because it can’t be said too often, the main purpose for you to participate in Google+ is to get more quality referrals from the Google search engine.