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Kowloon City, Densest City Block Planet Earth, Since Demolished

Kowloon Walled City was a densely populated, ungoverned squatter’s colony in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. It was called the “Walled City” because it was built on the remains of an old Chinese fort. The Walled City contained 33,000 residents within its … Continue reading

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Post and Lintel, the Basic Unit of Construction

Whether ancient or modern, classic or mundane, the basic unit of construction is the post and lintel, constructed out of stone, steel, concrete or wood. Mortonstones.LLC of Miami tells us how they repaired load bearing, steel post re-inforced brick columns that had … Continue reading

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Contemporary Color Palette and Accurate Historic Colors

Every year, Pantone picks the color of the year, and this year it is two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity. You can be sure that it is just a matter of time before you see these colors on bath towels, appliances … Continue reading

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Restoration of Brownstone Lintel Details

Brownstone is a soft sandstone from Connecticut which is famously in use throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn for building stone and has, ever since installation, rapidly deteriorated from the freeze thaw cycle. It is probable that it was an unwise material … Continue reading

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Why You Should Attend the 20th Annual International Preservation Trades Workshop

The Preservation Trades Network Presents the 20th Annual International Preservation Trades Workshop on September 9-11 2016 in Virginia. The International Preservation Trades Workshop (IPTW) has been occurring annually, since 1997, bringing together a diverse group of tradespeople, architects, preservationists, and students, … Continue reading

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Specific Instructions for Unique “Beehive” Masonry Pizza Oven Design

As you may know, we love to hear about technical innovations in the service of producing more and better masonry pizza ovens. From Florida, we just received a detailed account of the process of building an outdoor  beehive shaped masonry … Continue reading

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Wildwood Flower Wood Carving, a Tribute to Song

Jake Cress of Fincastle, Virginia carved this musical wood plaque out of cherry, in tribute to the ubiquitous four petaled dogwood tree – – and to the song “Wildwood Flower” by the Carter Family, also from Virginia. Of course you’ve heard it, but … Continue reading

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Salvaged Antique Heart Pine Flooring for Historic Restoration

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a beautiful town, and the Old State Capitol there is an impressive historic structure. Sourcing lumber for flooring in historic buildings has become increasingly tricky and fraught as legitimate traditional sources become depleted or shut off. … Continue reading

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Large Custom Radius Curved Gutters – – a Technical Feat

These large capacity 20 oz. copper curved gutters were built to fit the tower base and turret of this piece of new construction. That makes it sound easy, but it is an impressive technical feat to make them fit snug to … Continue reading

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Reading the Historic House – – Seeking Clues to Original Layout and Finishes

Sometimes the artisan is called upon to restore a much altered structure to its original format and finishes and so it was with Leigh Douglas Johnson and the Lt. Gov. Jonathan Hunt House in Vernon, Vermont. This is a task … Continue reading

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