Stained Glass Window Improves the View

Not very scenic view.

Not very scenic view.

This diamond pattern stairwell wood window was letting in the light, as it should, but it was also letting in the view, which was less desirable. Eric Mauro Stained Glass of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts consulted on design and then furnished this leaded glass exterior window that improves the view, protects the original window and conserves energy.

Stained Glass Artisans

View much improved.

View much improved.







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2 Responses to Stained Glass Window Improves the View

  1. Gary Helms says:

    What a difference a small update can make. Beautiful!

  2. Erin Bishop says:

    My grandfather’s house in SLC had the most beautiful stained glass windows. It was torn down years ago and I always wonder what they did with the windows. I hope they were salvaged. Article brought back some great memories talking with my Grandfather as the sun came through his west windows.

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