Historic Building Conservators, the Conservative Option.

Conservation work at the Rodin Museum.

Conservation work at the Rodin Museum.

Is restoration a slightly suspect word in the hierarchy of building maintenance methodology? The restorers have such a wealth of hands on experience that things generally go pretty well – – unless they don’t. It happens. Science and scholarship have their advantages, it sometimes turns out. So it appeared at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s 1929 Rodin Museum. The spec was “minimally invasive” and was applied to all areas and materials including all of the historic plaster, decorative finishes, wood finishes, and bronze windows. We especially liked the floor spec, “carefully sanded to prevent unnecessary loss of original material.”  All work by Materials Conservation Co., LLC, of Philadelphia, PA.

List of Architectural Conservators.

A Fixative, Cleaning Agent and Light Adhesive for Architectural Conservation – – TRI-Funori is a natural product extracted from funori (the Japanese word for seaweed) which grows along the
 Pacific coastline of Japan, China & Korea.

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