Monumental Steel Supported Stained Glass Arch.

On the arch.

On the arch.

ANOTHER Frederick Law Olmstead designed cemetery/park! You can almost hear them walking away saying, “He’ll be happy here.” Oakland has the Oakland A’s, a pretty cool city bus system and Mountain View Cemetery, with world famous Millionaires Row AND a big 1930’s Deco mausoleum out of Indiana limestone with a stunning mega arched stained glass skylight. How many tons of leaded glass are up there? Who knows, but it takes a lot of steel to keep it up. Leaded glass requires a lot of support, even in vertical installations, never mind this arched span. Hyland Studio of Santa Clara, California did the restoration, cleaning the brilliant glass arch and augmenting the steel support system, as past performance dictated.

In the mausoleum.

In the mausoleum.

On Millionaires Row

On Millionaires Row


Stained Glass Conservation Specialists

About Conservation of Lead Came.

List of Frederick Law Olmstead Parks (Wikipedia)


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