Toronto Bell Cote Stained Glass


Gothic double hung stained glass window.

As part of a larger heritage restoration in 2010, Eve Guinan Design-Restoration of Toronto, Ontario began to conserve a number of stained glass windows in the historic Toronto Bell Cote. This diminutive church building has historic significance out of proportion to its size. Built in an unassuming carpenter gothic style (in 1895), it is said to be the only wood framed church in the city of Toronto. For most of its life, it was an Anglican Church and it is furnished with a full set of stained glass windows that reflect that tradition and era. The work consisted of eight original double hung stained glass windows, plus a tryptich at the rear of the building. Each was dismantled, releaded and furnished with such faithful period reproductions of damaged painted glass as necessary. As the project mission was to produce the most durable possible outcome, EGD Glass suggested a protective glazing for the restored historic work. A set of traditional wood and glass exterior storm windows was specified, per the Heritage Toronto Board. The Toronto Bell Cote is a  glowing little gem, meticulously maintained for another century, and more.

Update- Eve Guinan Design-Restoration was presented with an Award of Merit from Toronto Heritage on October 13, 2015. There is a story about it on their blog. Eve is the blonde woman on the right-hand side and the tall elderly gentleman in the middle is William Greer. The architect is on the far left.

List of Stained Glass Restoration Specialists.


Detail Gothic window, damage.


Tryptich, apse.




Upper stained glass window sash, restored, on work bench.

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