Classical European Decorative Pattern Book


John Learnard of Color Alchemist in Washington, DC, is always seeking new ideas for traditional decoration of walls and ceilings. Intricate period decorative concepts weren’t developed on the fly, but from established designs, gathered together and published in “pattern” books. He has shared a peerless example here, “Wasmuth’s Neue Malereien”, published in 1890 by Ernst Wasmuth, Berlin. Assertive, surprising and beautiful, these images are both a design collection and an education. Even within the overall period style, there is such variation of ornament that the viewer draws inspiration in many different directions. Whether you are seeking to learn about the period or to develop a design, these 75 period prints are a good place to begin.

John Learnard is a Member of the Guild of Building Artisans.

List of Decorative Painting Specialists.



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