Steel Dragon Sculpture Comes to Life Full Size

The model taken from a century old bronze urn, under 12 inches.

John Graney, of J.F. Graney Metal Design in Sheffield, Massachusetts, applies artistry and technical mastery every day to producing custom ornamental iron gates of the utmost beauty and flawless performance. For this commission, however, they brought a 100 year old Cambodian Dragon to life. Taken from a bronze vase, the foot long Dragon’s size was increased to about eight feet, in steel, while maintaining his or her overall ferocity. Each individual scale was hand hammered and textured for full effect, short of breathing fire. The finished steel Dragon sculpture gives a striking impression of fluidity and motion, flowing down its stone “base”.

John Graney is a Member of the Guild of Building Artisans.

List of Sculptors.

The finished eight foot long steel dragon, on the prowl.



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