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Historic Plaster and Historic Plaster Mouldings

          It happens sometimes that the tools used by the artisans are almost as historic as the buildings that they are working on. Such a case is the legendary plaster moulding archive known as the  “Epstein … Continue reading

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Sympathy With Original Historic Fabric Key to Wood Window Conservation

These 1820’s wood window sash needed an understanding friend and found one in Donnie Hayward of D. Hayward Restoration of Greenfield, MA, who prescribed a delicious and healthy sounding recipe for renewing the original exterior wood after almost two centuries … Continue reading

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Conservation of Founding Father John Hancock’s Carriage

History is a moving target, and it is not always easy to determine which moment in an historic structure or artifact’s life to restore it to. Fellow founding father George Washington’s axe, they say, has since had two new heads … Continue reading

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Fitting a New Hardscape to a Mature, Existing Landscape.

Hardscape solutions sometimes look raw and imposed upon the landscape. The viewer may say, “it will settle in,” and, of course, with time enough, it eventually does. Concord Stoneworks of Concord, Massachusetts strives to make new work “fit” the landscape … Continue reading

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Recreating Thoreau’s Eighteenth Century Birthplace, Piece by Piece

The birth place of Henry David Thoreau in Concord, Massachusetts was in very poor condition, though it did retain many early 18th century elements as well as later Federal and Georgian upgrades. The intent was to turn it into a … Continue reading

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Steel Dragon Sculpture Comes to Life Full Size

John Graney, of J.F. Graney Metal Design in Sheffield, Massachusetts, applies artistry and technical mastery every day to producing custom ornamental iron gates of the utmost beauty and flawless performance. For this commission, however, they brought a 100 year old Cambodian Dragon … Continue reading

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Restoration of 1670 Plank Frame Window Sash

The Thomas Pellet House in Concord, Massachusetts was constructed in 1670, shortly before King Phillip’s War. According to Kim Cleary, of Cleary Window Restoration Inc. in Waltham, Massachusetts, these plank framed windows were built before pulley and counterweight technology came into … Continue reading

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Keeping Costs Down in High Places – – the Steeplejack Option

Forbidding, archaic, daunting in scale, the high places of the built environment, like any extreme habitat, have produced their own community of niche restoration specialists, the steeplejacks.  These artisans have made this world truly their own by developing minimalist rigging … Continue reading

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A Last Look at Historic Wood Windows.

Wood windows are perhaps the most vulnerable of historic elements, with many millions being dumped in landfills each year.  Their conservation is a worthy goal from an historic and environmental perspective, but is it reasonable to expect owners to subsidize … Continue reading

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Learning Traditional Woodcarving from a Master

Guild Member Dimitrios Klitsas and his art are heir to a classical lineage of many styles which draws upon a long refined tradition.  This lineage has not generally prospered in our time but nonetheless has come to a vigorous flowering … Continue reading

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