Getting more from your social media investment: Google+

Google+ sometimes gets panned in comparison with other social media sites, but it’s worth a second look for your business because of it’s connection to the search giant. For example, we update out Google+ page several times a week to feature the best content from the Restoration Trades Directory.

It’s true that Google+ has fewer users than other sites (though not as few as you might think). But aside from user numbers and user activity, don’t overlook it, because Google is incorporating activity there into their search algorithm. Putting it simply (and that’s best, since no one but Google has the details), your connections and activity on Google+ can impact your page rank in Google. Try searching something like “Google+ and page rank” and look over some of the results you’ll find. The details are murky, for sure, but the general pattern is clear. More activity? Good quality activity? ==> Improved page rank!

So make sure you create a page for your business in Google+. Then make a little noise there — share, re-share, +1. You’re a building artisan, right? Share your own projects, or tips, or observations related to your business. It will only make your own website (which you’ll link to your Google+ page) easier for people to find. If you’re relying on Facebook alone for your business social media, think about it. Google doesn’t look at Facebook content the same way it does Google+ content.

We frequently select the best projects we see coming in at the Restoration Trades Directory and feature them on our Google+ page, as well as other snippets of interest to building and restoration artisans that come our way (pop over to our page from the link in the right sidebar if you want to see.) It’s not only good for us, but it’s good for our users too.