Safety First: The Hazards of Construction Work

dsc_0044Have you ever considered the risks home builders take while renovating that basement or installing a new bathroom? If you weren’t aware, construction workers face one of the harshest work environments in modern times. As Doug Hanna of S+H Construction in Cambridge, MA explains in his blog on construction safety, aside from equipment-related injuries and electrical hazards, exposure to toxic chemicals is common on construction sites. While proper liability insurance may boost consumer costs, hiring a cheaper contractor that ignores safety guidelines will increase the odds of an accident occurring on your property. Always do your homework to ensure you choose a contractor that practices safety as a core value.

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1 Response to Safety First: The Hazards of Construction Work

  1. Darlene says:

    When hazards are combined with risk factors (these are called dangerous combinations) the chance of injury, and the possible seriousness of the injury, increases.

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