The Perfect Porch Addition or Replacement Design

Open ceiling reveals finished framing.

Open ceiling reveals finished framing.

What makes this porch perfect is the design. Heartwood Carpentry of Sanbornton, NH (in the Lakes Region) intended this porch format to make the most efficient use of modern materials to produce a handsome, liveable and easily maintained porch. To start, this porch is timber framed, with roof framing exposed, which means there is no ceiling to hang and no finish millwork to run. All framing members have chamfered edges in order to unify the look and render it more finished. Note also the routed, decorative gussets, which serve as bracing elements. These gussets are mortised into the frame, so there are no fasteners or glue to fail. So what else makes it perfect? It is built to be maintained. It is understood that the framing will outlast the deck, so the two elements are built free of each other, so the latter can be replaced without having to disturb the former. Note also that the roof overhang shelters not just the deck, but the steps as well, so the entire structure can stay dry and/or shady. And note also that the steps surround the entire porch, offering access everywhere, regardless of use. Strong, handsome and efficient, this porch design shows that you really don’t need to get any better than perfect.

Heartwood Carpentry is a Member of the Guild of Building Artisans.

Roof framing assembly, from above, in process.

Roof framing assembly, from above, in process.

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