Patron’s Vision for Door Realized in Stained Glass

Leaving by the front gates.

Leaving by the front gates.

Here the stained glass artist, Eric Mauro Stained Glass, of Boston, describes how the Patron’s vision for a door entry commission was realized. Since the days of Benvenuto Cellini, the master artisans have been deploying their skills in service not of their own artistic vision, but rather that of their Patron. The artist gives us a brief outline of that creative process, and the budget, and shows us the finished creative work. It is clear from this brief account the benefit that mastery brings to the project, specifically the understanding of how stained glass art “works”, how it will function in this specific setting, for this Patron, whether coming out of the house or going in. The result is a successful amalgam of the intent of the Patron and the skill of the artisan.

List of Stained Glass Specialists.


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