Massive Garage Door Custom Engineered to Open Easily by Hand

Automobile and human figures show scale of fourteen foot tall garage door.

Automobile and human figures show scale of fourteen foot tall garage door.

It bears repeating, because it is not immediately obvious, but the garage doors built by Bob Moulton of Moulton Custom Door of Vermont are trompe l’oeil – – a visual trick. They appear to be traditional swinging doors, but are actually overhead garage doors that roll up on a track and store overhead when open. This deception requires a bit of art plus a measure of experience to make the whole thing work. This is basically a highly engineered retractable wall.

Door fits the scale of barn type building.

This can be impressive when the customer requires an especially large door, such as this 14 foot wide by 14 foot tall monster, made extra heavy by the customer’s R-20 insulation requirement for the Vermont winter. After adding the layers to achieve this R value (3 inches, in total), plus hardware, the door weight was almost half a ton. So what happens if the power goes out, during a winter storm – – are you stuck outside or inside the building until the power comes back on? Not to worry, the door is engineered so that a small person can open it entirely BY HAND in an emergency! It turns out that you didn’t know your own strength. Bob Moulton’s custom overhead doors are among the most secure, operable and weatherproof doors in the house, their massive size and weight notwithstanding.

Bob Moulton is a Member of the Guild of Building Artisans.

List of Custom Garage Door Specialists.

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