Painter’s Secret for Achieving a High Shine Finish on Your Front Door

Before, unshiney.

Before, unshiney.

John Learnard of Color Alchemist, of Washington, DC was recently featured in the Washington Post article on how to achieve a high shine on the front door of one’s urban townhouse. It seems that the color and finish of these front entrances are both a means of individual expression and a source of some local competition. Put “Colorful Front Doors Washington” into Google and you will see that the shades are diverse and the finishes extremely shiny. There is some discussion over how this is best achieved, but it is clear that a simple coat of paint doesn’t get it done. The secret is in the prep, and hand sanding with very fine (220 grit) sandpaper between each of several coats of paint. And materials. John Learnard uses only the very finest imported oil based paint for this purpose. The article interviewed two other vendors, and overall, John’s procedures were the most intensive. Overkill? As he noted in the article, “a high-gloss finish has to be flawless in preparation because the finish shows everything.”

John Learnard is a Member of The Guild of Building Artisans.

List of Paint Color Consultants.

List of Painting Contractors.

After, very shiney!

After, very shiney!


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